Association of Black Cardiologist
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Our Goal is to Reduce the Cardiovascular Disease Disparity Gap by 20% by 2020
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We are a nonprofit organization with an international membership of 1,500 health professionals, lay members of the community (Community Health Advocates), corporate members, and institutional members, dedicated to eliminating the disparities related to cardiovascular disease in all people of color.
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Dr. Herbert W. Nickens Epidemiology Award

Award NameDescriptionEligibility The Award Deadline
DR. Herbert W. Nickens Epidemiology AwardThe Dr. Herbert W. Nickens Epidemiology Award was initiated in 2001 to honor outstanding achievement in epidemiologic research in the area of cardiovascular disease. This award is conferred annually at the Congress on the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in honor of Herbert W. Nickens, MD, a pioneer in the promotion of medical education and healthcare. A scholar of epidemiology or leader in the promotion of epidemiologic research and projects that promote the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular diseases.
Two complimentary tickets to the Annual President's Awards Dinner; a plaque presented to the winner; and a commemorative name plate included on the plaque displayed at the ABC Headquarters. October 17, 2007 (ABC member nominations accepted)
Past Recipients: The ABC Awards Committee selected the following for the Dr. Herbert W. Nickens Epidemiology Award:
2001 Kevin A. Schulman, MD
2002 Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA
2003 Marsha Lillie-Blanton, DrPH
2004 Herman A. Taylor, Jr., MD
2004 Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH
2005 Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH
2006 Patrice Desvigne-Nickens, M.D.
The ABC Awards Selection Committee reserves the right to make the final selections. Robert L. Gillespie, MD,
Chair Paul T. Batties, MD
Charles L. Curry, MD
F. Roosevelt Gilliam, III, MD
Augustus O. Grant, MD, PhD
L. Julian Haywood, MD
Otelio S. Randall, MD
Elizabeth O. Ofili, MD, MPH
John M. Fontaine, MD
Karol E. Watson, MD, PhD