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Our Goal is to Reduce the Cardiovascular Disease Disparity Gap by 20% by 2020
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ABC Clinical Trials Network


The ABC supports the FDA in its declaration that 2016 is the Year of Diversity in Clinical Trials


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The ABC Clinical Trials Network (ABC CTN) provides investigators from multiple specialties with unparalleled access to clinical studies of interest while offering industry "one-stop" access to multiple investigators that ascribe to the same standard of clinical trial conduct.

Comprised of investigators from a variety of therapeutic areas, the ABC CTN was developed to serve as a central “wheel hub” of sorts to identify and vet clinical trial opportunities, match investigators to trials of interest, and provide some of the infrastructure support that we have heard physicians say they would find to be beneficial.

ABC believes this is a win-win for investigators to create or increase their flow of research studies while reducing some of the administrative burden and associated costs.

ABC Clinical Trials Network Benefits:

• Training
• Certification
• Contract and Budget Negotiation Services
• Patient Recruitment & Retention Support
• Access to Mentors in your Therapeutic Area of Interest
• Diversity Engagment Updates

ABC Membership is not Required and there is no Cost to Join:

To join, please take a few minutes to complete the Association of Black Cardiologists' Clinical Trials Network Survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather information regarding clinical research interests and capacity.

ABC Leadership Announces ABC Strategic Partnership to Increase Investigator Diversity in Clinical Trials (Aug 2016)

Please Contact the ABC via >email or (800) 753-9222 to discuss partnership & collaboration options.