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Reduce The Gap
Our Goal is to Reduce the Cardiovascular Disease Disparity Gap by 20% by 2020
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Community Health Advocacy ~ Clinical Trials

Community Health Advocacy
We encourage community-wide participation in heart disease prevention, education, detection and lifestyle changes that can improve the cardiovascular health status of all communities, primarily those with a majority of African Americans residents who remain at higher risk for heart disease and stroke when compared to white Americans.
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One of the ways that ABC seeks to improve the health status of African Americans and other under served populations is by facilitating their participation in clinical trials. Involvement in clinical trials will provide the impetus to meet this challenge and address the health care needs of minority patients.

This section of our Web site has information on the following:

Clinical Investigator Recruitment

The ABC maintains a database of investigators profiled by their research experience and patient populations. The database consists of cardiologists, internists, and family practice physicians. Many of our investigators are in private practice and can therefore avoid delays often associated with approval by local IRBs. The database includes ABC members who serve as principal investigators and on steering committees for major clinical studies. Through the development of novice investigators, we are able to maintain growth in our investigator database.


The ABC recognizes that the success of a study is often based on the level of awareness of the study. We are able to develop study specific advertisements including videos, brochures, and journal ads.

Development of Investigators

To ensure the integrity of the research conducted at our sites, the ABC provides ongoing personalized support to new investigators. We prepare investigators for large Phase III studies by first exposing them to smaller studies. We can provide direct site support through providing consultative visits by experienced study coordinators to inexperienced sites.